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Thread: Single gang dimmer to control fan and light separately?

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    Question Single gang dimmer to control fan and light separately?

    Hey, Lutron! I’m loving my Caseta home system and expanding it all the time. Do you think you’ll be releasing a single gang dimmer to control a fan and a connected light separately? I’m not an electrician so I don’t know the logistics involved. Just asking! Thanks!

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    There is a non-system device (MACL-LFQ). All Lutron needs to do is add a radio. Probably a bit more involved than I made it seem. On the other hand, Lutron has the best engineers in Bucks County so maybe not!
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    After shoving a fan speed control and a digital dimmer into a single box, there isn't enough room for the radio and onboard chip to run the Clear Connect. You'll have to split the loads into two devices and expand the single box to a two-gang. Straight up answer I received from the engineers who worked on RadioRA2.
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    Poor excuse from engineer...

    You're focusing on the wrong switch model. We should focus on a Casèta version of the MA-LFQHW; The one with the canopy module to install above the fan. I have one in my kitchen and it's awesome. It controls the fan with a light kit all from one circuit. That Lutron engineer knows very well that there is enough room to fit a Clear Connect radio in the canopy module. So his excuse is rubbish. My kitchen fan with the light kit is the only light in my house that isn't smart yet. Lutron needs to make this happen. Give us a Casèta version of the MA-LFQHW. Mine needs to be in black, please.

    Thank you.

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    It works for every smart fan Hunter has made. Why couldn't it work in this instance?

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    I've forwarded your request for a Caseta fan and light control to our product development team as a possible future product for the Caseta line of products.Thank you for your suggestion.

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