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Thread: Ripplefold curved track ?

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    Ripplefold curved track ?

    Hi, I have faced this problem twice in the last month and was wondering if anybody could chime in. MyProjects doesn't allow us to build a standard ripplefold curved track either with D105-145-175. I have never heard anything about that in training and on Lutron's website it says "all Lutron curtain track drives will accommodate a single curve or bend; D145 or D175 drives are required for tracks with double curves or bends". We only need a 90 degrees bend for that particular track. I called CS once and they told me me only pinch pleat could accomodate a bend but it makes no sense to me as many other manufacturers (Somfy being among them) offer it with even greater possible lengths than Lutron. I have also seen them in action and they work really well. We have 4 other tracks on that potential job and I wouldn't want to lose it to another product. Thank you for your help.

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    I tried it in SCT and got the same results - pinch pleat only. Did CS give a reason? I can't imagine why ripple fold would not work. I would also call your regional rep and tell him you are going to lose the job to Somfy because of this silliness.
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    I did call the rep and he was unaware of the situation at first. By the time I got him on the phone though I had already found the answer through another dealer. They CAN do ripplefold curved tracks but only by quotation. Easiest way to do so is to build it as a pinch pleat, give them the quote number and they'll convert it. Note that there is a maximum of 216" for one way draws. Also, there is a 20" bend radius which seems to be standard among most manufacturers. I they have already built a pocket on site which seems to be the case most of the time these days it might not fit. Of course it's Lutron, but also note that it's super expensive as I would say it's 25%-30% more expensive than a same length straight track.

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