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Thread: RA2 Select Pico Remotes

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    RA2 Select Pico Remotes

    Hello All,I've been looking but haven't found any Pico Remotes listed for RA2 Select. I'm especially interested in the Pico Remote with the Nightlight. Would the RR2 Pico Remotes be compatible with RA2 Select? Also, in the future, is there any way to tell which components are specifically for RA2 Select (other than those already listed for RA2 Select)? Thank you.

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    Picos can be used with any Lutron Clearconnect system, including Casta Ra2Select, RadioRA2, and HomeWorks QS. If you look at the Lutron support center and search a model number, it will tell you which systems it is compatible with. Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions
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    If you go to the link below and look under keypads you will find a list. The PJ2-4B-xx-L41 is only compatible with HomeWorks, Quantum, and MyRoom systems. Pico remotes are all basically the same device with different engraving. A PJ2-3BRL-xx-L01 has lighting engraving. A PJ2-3BRL-xx-S01 is the same device with shade engraving. Unless Lutron did something in the last update, you can add a PJN-3BRL-xx (with nightlight) in the software as a PJ2-3BRL-xx. BTW, new update coming 7/8/19.
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    Evan, I saw all the other systems listed for each Pico remote, but nothing for RA2 Selectrandyc, Thank you, will do.Sincerely,heatman5

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