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Thread: Maestro CL

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    Maestro CL

    Any way to use the Maestro CL to control a fan speed without using the light control?

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    Assuming you are talking about the MACL-LFQ dimmer/fan speed dual-device? Just cap off the yellow wire (fan control). The dimmer will work and the fan button will do nothing.
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    Please be more specific in your questions. If you are looking for a fan speed controller only, unfortunately you’d have to switch to a Diva, Skylark or Lumea style control. If you want both a fan speed controller and LED dimmer in one, you would need the Maestro style MACL-LFQ.

    See this webpage to explore other design styles and model numbers:

    (Randy beat me to the punch while I was writing this, he is right that you could cap off a wire of the LFQ if you don’t want to use the fan controller.)

    Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    I think I got it backwards. However, just cap off the one you don't want and the other one will work fine.
    LED, Incorporated
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