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Thread: Vareo - Sticking Pushbutton

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    Vareo - Sticking Pushbutton

    I have several Vareo dimmers in my house. Some of the pushbuttons get stuck under the cover plate so that the lights can't be controlled by another switch in the circuit. Also, because the pushbuttons don't move evenly, the lights may or may not go on when it's pushed. I believe the micro switches are fine, it's just the plastic pushbuttons.

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    Not exactly sure what kind of help you are looking for. I'd guess that much of the issue relates to the fact that most Vareo dimmers in the wild are at least 10, very possibly 20 years old. Pressing the button in the middle as opposed to the corners may help. You could give Tech Support a call, as Vareo appears to have been discontinued recently, but they probably have some extra units they could sell/give to you. It's a shame they left Vareo in the past instead of updating it to HWQS/RR2 and LED compatibility, I always thought Vareo was a beautiful device, more elegant than GrafikT. GrafikT is cool but seems like it's trying a little too hard. But I digress. Hope this helps!
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    Some Vareo buttons have plastic arms that act as a spring. They are very thin and break easily. Age, heat, and use make them fail even easier. Lutron had replacement buttons at one time but they were very proud of them. There are 2 basic styles - dimmer with a slider beside it and switch. I have some odds pieces. They take paint well so color shouldn't be an issue.
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