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Thread: Alexa commands

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    Alexa commands

    Hi everyone,

    I'm integrating an Alexa product with a Radio RA system. I have carried out the linking with no problem, tested I can see new commands created and then test them. All works ok. However, I haven't figured out how to create commands. The programs of the keypads is on single/multiroom scene. When creating a new command on the app a window comes up with a box to fill in for "On" and another for "Off". Since I can't use the words on and off, I can't use commands such as "hallway on" and "hallway off" for each. If so use the word "hall" I can create one of the commands and it works but then I can't repeat the word so I can't creat the other command.

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    Try reading this application note, you will need a myLutron account: this helps

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    Alexa is very picky about wording. The basic structure is "Alexa" "Turn on" "Evening" You have 2 options - if you use single action buttons you need a counter scene to get out of evening mode. "Turn on Night" for example. If you use toggle buttons you can say "Turn off Evening." Be careful when turning off a whole house scene. My evening scene has all of the interior lights. I turn the ones I want on to a set level and turn the rest off. If it turn evening off, every light in the house goes off.
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