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Thread: Caseta Device Limit Increased to 75

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    Caseta Device Limit Increased to 75

    There have been a few posts scattered throughout different discussions, but they are quickly becoming fragmented. I thought it would be a good idea to start a dedicated discussion about this exciting news.

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    75 Device limit

    Just FYI to Lutron, I am sure you are getting a lot of positive feedback on this decision.

    For my own part, I had decided I didn’t want the cost and complexity of a whole house solution like Radio RA 2 and had decided I would use Maestro/Divas and perhaps a few Caseta dimmers and a hub for a couple of loads.

    The 75 limit will allow me to use PD-5NE’s pretty much everywhere, along with Picos for 3W needs. I will have a complete home system that will give me all the features we used a lot in a previous home we had using a high end Litetouch system that probably was more than $60K all in. In fairness to whole home systems, they do offer a lot more very specific capability than we will have with the Caseta, but in our case, we found we actually used only a fraction of the Litetouch capability, all of which will be met (and more) with the Caseta.

    So far, in my initial testing, using all the components we will employ in the new system, the Caseta components work wonderfully.

    We will be using Halo ML4’s and ML56’s for the bulk and wall washer loads and the PD-5NE’s interact with these LED fixtures perfectly, great dimming and trim capability, no buzz through the range (which is good as we have over 200 of them ;)), all very good.

    Thank you Lutron for listening to all the experts on these boards, they and you have done me a great turn.

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    I find this good news as I will not have to install a second bridge which is what I was going to do in order to install the last few items I was looking at. Thank you Lutron for listening and giving us a few more items!!!!!!! Of course, I am going to be picking up the pro bridge so I might be use my old one anyway!

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    I would like to extend my gratitude to Lutron for implementing this increase. I am one of those guys who is not going to use an integrator but who wants a robust system. A big part of the Caseta lure for me is the fact that I don't need a third party (integrator) to build and scale my system, that I can do so myself. I enjoy the DIY satisfaction and independence.

    I am currently maxed out with my Caseta setup without reaching my goal. There are a number of lighting loads and window treatments I'd still like to automate. Because of the 50 device limit, I was capped out and not able to buy any more Lutron. I can now start shopping again... In fact, I've already purchase a Pro Dimmer and 2 more Pro Switches based on the news... More purchases to come.

    I must say, I am a bit underwhelmed about the responses here in these forums about this news. There were so many people complaining about the limit... You'd think they'd share a little excitement...
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    It's working....

    I am currently at 52 devices and everything is working seamlessly...! I've got a few more lighting controls to install... Thank you Lutron...!!

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    Interesting, there has been no Caseta app update in more than 3 weeks. It seem logical, and I believe the update is in the Smart Bridge, since that is what controls the devices.

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    No app update

    Quote Originally Posted by davisadm View Post
    Interesting, there has been no Caseta app update in more than 3 weeks. It seem logical, and I believe the update is in the Smart Bridge, since that is what controls the devices.
    Email specifically said App update after 7/8. As of July 11 still no update for iOS. Not sure what's going on.

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    App update?

    Any idea what is going on with the app update?

    What is the delay?

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    The update to the bridges to support 75 devices are already in place.In the current version of the app (v6.5.2), under Settings "Add Device" will show how many devices are currently added to your system.If you then tap on Add Device, it will show how many more devices you can add to your system.These two numbers should add up to 75.

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    Brian W. Thanks for the information.

    I see exactly what you are talking about in the app for the number of devices.

    I was expecting something “magical” to happen on July 8th with an app update.

    IOS version 7.5.2 does the trick.

    Thanks again

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