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Thread: HQP6-2 Link voltage?

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    HQP6-2 Link voltage?

    Hi all, i'm a newbie installer of HWQS and have only recently completed my HWQS course. I'm working to install a Hybrid repeater to an existing HWQS system. The system is established and has been installed for 2 years without any issue. At present, only Link 1 on the processor is in use, and this is configured as a QS wired link. No device have ever been installed on Link 2; i can see from the extracted program file that Link 2 has been configured as a QS RF Link, all good.On trying the activate the Hybrid Repeater on Link 2 i've come to a stand still, no lights illuminated on the repeater. With my multimeter i've measured the voltage on processor Link 2, i'm getting 5v DC. Link 1 is good and showing 24v. Even when both links are unplugged from the processor i'm still getting Link 1 (24v), Link 2 (5v). I've searched high and low as to whether this may be a software configurable option, but i've found nothing on the subject. Is the processor faulty or am i missing something fundamental? Many thanks in advanceAnthony

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    Do you have any devices assigned to link 2? You may need to add a load or a keypad (not just the repeater). Try using the plug-in power supply that came with the repeater. Does it power up then? The first repeater has to be hardwired back to the processor. The others can be RF or wired. Also, it helps to know what version of the software you are using.
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    Verify your wiring with the wiring examples in this link. for any reason you continue to have no joy with the voltage on link 2 you can always pull your + for the repeater direct from the xformer or even the + from link 1 but I would suspect a wiring issue between the xformer and the processor might be the issue, a missing wire maybe? You should have 3 + leads connected to the processor as shown on the QS Power Supply Example diagram in the link.
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