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Thread: Future of RadioRA2 (not a Lutron opinion)

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    Although not there "yet", HomeKit is gaining a lot of automation and configurability. I complain about HomeKit a lot, but mainly because I want it to add more pro oriented features. But with Caseta/RA2S/RA2 products integrated nicely with HomeKit, I'm starting to use HomeKit to supplement some of the automations that are so freaking hard or not possible with native Lutron programming. My clients aren't diehard HomeKit fans, but they all have multiple AppleTV's, so the "hub" for remote access and unattended automations with HomeKit is almost always already installed "free" as part of the system.

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    I gave up trying to fight Ring. But I only install the PoE version. It's $500, so that also scares away anyone but those that appreciate reliability and a pro-level solution.

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    Sorry to re-hash this thread but I did hear from Lutron a few things. From tech support, I was told that RadioRA2 is not to be discontinued, and there are "pretty exciting" new products in the pipeline to be released "fairly soon". At least there seems to be hope that RA2 isn't just EOL technology to be totally replaced soon.
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    I was just at the new Shade Essentials training- highly recommend. It was taught by Lutron employees, and I had a chance to talk to a few engineers. I floated my ideas on the direction of RadioRA2, and the look I got was pretty interesting. Then I got the old "I can neither confirm nor deny" and "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" responses. CEDIA may give us a few answers, but I would think that it's still a year out.
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    Ra2 Future

    I have heard that the big discussion at Lutron is whether or not to overhaul the Ra2 software to be the same as RaS and Caseta but with all the same functionality that Ra2 has now. It would be a huge undertaking but I would love to see it happen, partly because I want to do my programming on a laptop.

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