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Thread: Does increasing ramp time limit LED In-Rush Current?

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    Does increasing ramp time limit LED In-Rush Current?

    I was wondering whether there is any way to limit In-Rush current of LEDs by increasing or decreasing the ramp time. In particular if you have LED MR-16 bulbs on a magnetic transformer. With halogen bulbs on MLV, I was told that it was better to have a 2-3 second ramp time to avoid tripping breakers and overall put less pressure on dimmers or RPMs, but I haven't heard anything about LEDs on MLV or LEDs in general. In other words, would having a 5 second ramp time produce less in-rush current than 0 seconds? What if it was just a switch and not a dimmer at all? Would that help?

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    In-rush is a function of the load type and size. By adding ramp time you are effectively reducing the initial load. However, in-rush should never cause the breaker to trip. Unless you have the circuit way, way, way overloaded. LEDs on a straight MLV transformer (non-driver) is a bad idea. LEDs generate some high frequency noise. This noise gets fed back through the MLV transformer and it is multiplied by 10. LEDs on a MLV can draw a lot more current than normal. They need the electronics in the driver to regulate the power.
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