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Thread: Does increasing ramp time limit LED In-Rush Current?

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    Inrush current protection for LED lighting retrofits can be key to a successful lighting upgrade. Retrofit of LED lighting into an existing electrical system relies on the equipment already in place. This can be problematical due to the high inrush current created by the LED drivers.

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    How much more power and time in increasing ramp time limit LED In-Rush Current?Regards, Rick Anderson Citylocal Pro

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    How Much power it consumes in a month and what is the exact price of LED?

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    Lightbulb Yes it does...

    If you think about it long enough then you will know that it is going to increase. I'm not going to tell you the answer because I want you to find it on your OWN. This generation is too dependent on others. So, this time you'd have to do it on your own.

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    you can light-emitting diode with this if face any problems let me know teatv

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