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Thread: Fan Control w/ LED Light from multiple locations

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    Question Fan Control w/ LED Light from multiple locations

    Would like to be able to turn on/off both fan and light at two locations (entrance/egress from entry) and hopefully be able to set light level, fan speed, etc. from one. I'm ok with conventional 3-ways for the simple on/off if a standalone control can be paired in parallel or if one of the locations has that control, that's fine, too.

    I couldn't discern from the product spec document for the Skylark and/or Adriani products whether need two units, one for light, one for fan or is there a dual package so I can do roughin for number of boxes, wires to pull...

    A wall mount remote unit in parallel work for this purpose?

    Better solutions always welcome!

    The target device is Hunter Prim unit with LED light kit if it really matters any -- does not come with remote but there is an add-on available leading to the above question regarding it.

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    All of the Lutron dual controls (fan speed and dimmer in one device) are single location only. The Skylark fan control is a single location only. The Skylark Contour (CTFSQ-F), Ariadni (AYFSQ-F), and Diva (DVFSQ-F) are all 3-way devices. When used with standard mechanical 3-way/4-way switches you have on/off control all locations but dimming only from the FSQ. FSQ devices must be installed at the beginning or end of the circuit. There are a number of dimmers in these families that work the same way. It all depends on the load type and capacity.
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