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Thread: QSE-IO CCI - Poll State

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    QSE-IO CCI - Poll State

    QS 14.1

    Protocol document states that the state of the CCI's can be polled but this appears to actually not be implemented.

    Example: QSE-IO with integration ID of 371.

    CCI 1 will report the CCI when it actually opens correctly with the following (omitting carriage here but it is being sent):


    However, when ?DEVICE,371,1,35 is sent to the processor, the following is returned:


    Being able to know the state of the CCI is very important as after a program upload, the states do not actual report or update. When will this be integrated correctly into the software?

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    You should send an email to You will get a quicker response.
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    I have called and sent emails and am now posting as option C.

    Hopefully it helps to let other people become aware of this and not waste the amount of time I have on bad documentation and no follow through on Lutrons part.

    There is a similar thread in the RA2 forum that is years old and appears to have zero progress made at all which is ridiculous. We have had to scrap the use of QSE-IO's mid way through a large project due to this (easy to remedy in a software update) shortcoming.

    But hey, at least 14.4 has a new tab under Design->Equipment called "Wireless Bundle" so clearly the software priorities are in line with needs in the field.

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