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Thread: RR-VCRX with 3rd party automation

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    RR-VCRX with 3rd party automation

    So I'm thinking of using a using the RR-VCRX with a 3rd party automation system. I'm wondering of the best to get the transmitter's home and away buttons to trigger my 3rd party system. The RR-VCRX output would work if its a latching relay, I dont want it to open or close on a power loss. Or can I trigger a phantom button on the main repeater from the visor transmitter? I don't have the hardware to test this ATM but looking at the RA2 software it seems the transmitter just talks to the VCRX. Ant thoughts? TIA

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    Have the output set to pulsed, and have the 3rd party monitor for the change of state on the output from the VCRX. You may need a variable (boolean) to properly track the state of home and away. That would be the easiest. You could flip to the LMJ-CCO module in that case. Much cheaper solution, use a Pico to activate it as a pulse. The "off" on the Pico would end up being useless.
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    You are correct, the LR-3B only talks to the VCRX. The CCO can be pulsed or maintained but you can not assign anything else to the CCO. I.e. you can not use the CCO to initiate vacation mode. I could not find the info but I believe the CCO is NO so if you lose power it will open.

    You didn't provide much info on the 3rd party but... if the 3rd party can monitor a button on the main repeater, it should be able to monitor one on the VCRX. Timeclock settings are global. If you initiate it from the bedroom or the app, the VCRX will know the mode has changed.
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    Which automation system? I use Charmed Quark/CQC which has a RadioRA2 driver that can interact with the main repeater and the switches, etc. contained in the Integration file.

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    The VCRX can have the CCO set as normally closed or open, so making a switch if you got the sensor "backward" is just a click in the design tab of the software.
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