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Thread: IFTTT integration - IF Pico remote button is pressed then Do something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by sblunden View Post
    If you have a smart bridge pro and a 3rd party control system what you are trying is possible. However, most of the control systems require an authorized dealer to sell, program and install. With ProControl I can make a processor event based on any button press on a pico and have it trigger any other commands on my system. So i could have it turn on my TV, hue, etc... ProControl requires an authorized dealer to install and program.

    If you are more of a DIY'er you could look at RoomieRemote or iRule to see if they offer this level of integration.
    There’s no way to do this yourself if you buy the smart bridge pro hub?

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    >There’s no way to do this yourself if you buy the smart bridge pro hub?Not natively, but you can utilize a system like Hubitat or Home Assistant to accomplish this.

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