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Thread: DVCL vs Existing Switch Wiring - WTF/Help!

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    DVCL vs Existing Switch Wiring - WTF/Help!

    My current switch has one black at the top, a single black that has been bared and looped around the pole at the bottom, and a white (unused) jammed in the back of the box.

    Given the photo attached....can anyone tell me what to connect to what? Many thanks in advance, my research for hours hasn't found a situation matching mine.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    OP here...OK, never mind the problem above. After trying a few combinations I realized the LED light fixture was not compatible with the DVCL so the wiring scheme is irrelevant.

    I went back to Lowes and exchanged the DVCL for a MACL-153M which is on the compatibility list for my fixture. The MACL-153M has 3 screws instead of wire connections, 2 screws on the left side same as my old switch, so I just swapped it in using the same wiring scheme as the old switch and it worked perfectly. My first few attempts tried to follow the instructions for the MACL-153M and use all 3 screws but all combinations ended up "dimming" both my cable box and my wifi router which are on the same circuit, so I relented and went back to the scheme that the original switch was using and voila...success.

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