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Thread: Wall Box Power Module in Essentials?

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    Wall Box Power Module in Essentials?

    I understand there is a wallbox power module much like the GRAFIK Eye QS 6-zone for hidden applications that is not available for programming in 6.2 Essentials yet is in 6.2 Inclusive. I think it's something like a RadioRA2 version of the HWI-WPM-6D-120. Is this just first going into Inclusive for initial testing given that the product doesn't yet seem to be available? This would be a perfect module for some work we're doing. Thanks!

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    The Wallbox Power Module will only be available to dealers with Level 2 training and access to Inclusive software. You correctly point out that it has unique applications and we want to ensure that our dealers are properly trained when deploying this product. Feel free to contact us directly for information on how to complete Level 2 training.

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