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Thread: Caseta and additional items

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    Caseta and additional items

    I'm trying to decide on things and it's getting complicated. If you lose Internet with the smart bridge u lose the app as well. Their are posts that say third party integration takes care of that. Anyone explain that to me? I am talking with IRule, and they said the data is stored locally and will still work. But how does it work it the smart bridge doesn't store it locally?
    I love Lutron stuff but with Caseta not having any sensors, and the bridge not able to control other items, it seems to me you need other Hubs. But other hubs besides Lutron wink n staples, they don't connect with the Caseta devices... What is the best solution? I have customers that want the lighting along with sensors to trigger scenes, and locks and cameras and remotes. The point of Caseta is to hit the lower end customers that can't afford Radio Ra2, yet in order to accomplish above, you still have to spend a lot. Yet with a say ex. A Vera hub u can connect everything, but don't use Lutron devices, and it's all done.
    So my actual question is what is the solution to lost Internet and sensors, and other automation items for the low end customer with a typical 2000 square foot house?

    Hopefully a Someone has answers to this.

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    Solution to lost internet is allegedly "coming soon but not so soon" according to this official response.

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