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Thread: Homekit Question

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    Homekit Question

    I am getting a Smart bridge Pro2 and will integrate it with my Honeywell Wifi Thermostat. Just curious if this will let me control the temperature via Siri or does that require a HomeKit Thermostat too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhelmet View Post
    I am getting a Smart bridge Pro2 and will integrate it with my Honeywell Wifi Thermostat. Just curious if this will let me control the temperature via Siri or does that require a HomeKit Thermostat too?

    In order to control the thermostat via Siri, the thermostat needs to be Homekit capable, and you need to use a 3rd party Homekit app to do this. Currently, you can only control lights from the Lutron Caseta app.

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    The only HomeKit thermostat is EcoBee3, which does not integration into Lutron. So could use Siri to adjust your temperature but it would have nothing to do with Caseta.

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    Is there really any benefit to having Caseta integrate with your thermostat other than remote access, which Nest, Lyric, EcoBee, etc. all provide?

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    I have a honeywell thermostat and the lutron app only lets me adjust the temperature. For scheduling I have to open the Honeywell app. I was disappointed that there was not more thermostat control built-in to the Lutron App.
    I believe with the nest you can change the status home/away via the lutron app. Ecobee3 and Lyric can NOT be controlled by the Lutron App.

    With Home Kit you can have more control but the lutron app does not give you any additional capability with a thermostat. IF you have a home kit app like the elgato eve app you can see your thermostat, lights, sensors, etc all in one app and it would theoretically give you more control over scenes and more historical data of all your home kit devices. Currently I only have Lutron dimmers and switches that work with home kit so I can't test all its capabilities.

    So yes there is some benefit, but is it enough to worry about? Depends on your preference.

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    I have a similar question I'm hoping you can help me with. I recently bought a SmartBridge, not the SmartBridge Pro. I'm wondering whether I made the wrong choice between the two systems. I'm looking forward to the HomeKit compatibility, which they both have. However, I do have an system, and the SmartBridge pro would integrate with that to some extent. My main question is how extensive that integration goes as far as HomeKit compatibility.

    With the SmartBridge pro, would the security panel become part of my home kit configuration, such that Siri could be used? In the Lutron app, would the security panel appear there for me to arm, and set triggers based on arming, right within that iOS app?

    Pumpkin is a new technology, but I can already see that when devices are added to your home could configuration, there are third-party apps that can access all home kit devices from one location. That is appealing. But if the integration doesn't go that far, then I don't suppose I missing too much.

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