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Thread: Caseta or RA2 Select, Pico Remotes and Sivoia QS Blinds

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    Caseta or RA2 Select, Pico Remotes and Sivoia QS Blinds

    This is my first post in the forum, so I hope I'm posting in the the right place. My questions concern choosing Caseta or RA2 Select, but I'm posting in Caseta, because that's how I'm leaning...

    I am in the process of planning a smart lighting retrofit for a 1700sqft 3 bed/2 bath home built in 2008. The system must be compatible with Apple HomeKit, and incorporate light controls, fan controls, and window treatment controls (both blinds and shades). I would consider the maximum number of potential devices in the home at ~70. This theoretical "max" includes 13 redundant (my assessment) pico remotes, 2 occupancy sensors with 2 associated switches, up to 6 switches that would not really benefit from automation (toilet lights, attic lights, etc.), and allows for 6 future expansion devices (like lamps).

    My big decision is whether to recommend Caseta or RA2 Select (Radio RA2 and Homeworks QS is well outside the budget). The home owners have done some smart home upgrades, and are aware of prices; their budget is in the $2k range. Caseta is an almost obvious choice, given the size of the home and the number of 'real' devices. Aside from the possibility that the cost of RA2 Select could kill the entire project, Caseta offers almost complete automation of the house, with a bit of room for future expansion (assuming I can sell fewer than 50 devices with my assumptions and the minor limitations). I understand that the window treatments requirements will require the Smart bridge Pro (for use with Sivoia QS Wireless). But I have a couple questions about meeting the functional requirements using Caseta.

    My first question is about the use of Pico remotes in a system with a smart bridge. Specifically, can a Pico remote be paired to a switch without pairing to the bridge? The 13 "redundant remotes" I claim are for either 3-way switches that are only necessary for manual control within a room, or secondary control when a mobile device isn't handy. I understand that using a remote for scene control will require connection to the bridge, but is it possible to have a pico for secondary control of devices that are paired to the bridge, without the controlling pico also paired? If not, my 13 redundant remotes are not actually redundant.

    My second question concerns the use of Sivoia QS Wireless Wood Blinds in a Caseta system. According to Lutron's System Comparison documentation (3682773_RA2_HWQS_comparison.pdf), there is "No tilt functionality" in the cases of (1) Sivoia QS Triathlon with Caseta and (2) Sivoia QS Wireless with RA2 Select (implying that tilt functionality is available for Sivoia QS Wireless with Caseta). Is this a typo? Is it supposed to be "No tilt functionality" for Sivoia QS Wireless with both Caseta and RA2 Select? I ask for 3 reasons:
    1. It implies RA2 Select is less functional
    than Caseta
    in this case.
    2. I cannot find any indication the there are blinds even avialable in the Triathlon line (and I assume tilt is for blinds).
    3. If it's a typo, there is no tilt funcionality for any Lutron options below Radio RA and Homeworks QS (leaving me to sell Radio RA2 or price out Hunter Douglas Powerview for window treatments).

    I apologize for the long post, but I feel like i've thoroughly scoured both the forum and lutron documentation and I still have these questions...

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    If the Caseta dimmer/switch is assigned to the bridge, the Pico remote will have to be assigned to the bridge as well. It is possible to have a stand-alone Caseta dimmer paired with a Pico. No bridge, no app, just a dimmer with a RF remote.

    R2S uses companion dimmers (RD-RD, $40 msrp) instead of Pico remotes. They use existing 3-way/4-way wiring. They don't have a radio so they don't count toward the device limit.

    Triathlon shades are available in roller and honeycomb only. No tilt function is needed. QS Wireless shades include, among others, horizontal sheer and wood blinds. Both have tilt and raise/lower functions.

    Caseta and RA2 Select do not support tilt functions.

    The basic price difference between R2S and RR2 is $300. The R2S main repeater is $249 (MSRP) and the RR2 main repeater is $550 (MSRP). There are other considerations. R2S supports retail automation systems like Wink, SmartThings, etc. RR2 has a shorter list but also has an integration protocol for use with larger automation systems like Savant, AMX, etc. R2S is programmed through an app. RR2 requires software, which you can get by taking the online course.
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    So, it's as I suspected. Thank you for clarifying!

    By my estistimates, RR2 hardware for lighting control would cost more than double Caseta, with nowhere near double the features or functionality, especially in a smaller home. I can't justify that cost difference just so the blinds can be integrated into the same system as the lights.

    In this case, it makes more sense to me to use Caseta for light control, and incorporate the window treatments in their own separate system (whether Lutron RR2 with Sivoia QS Wireless or Hunter Douglas PowerView). Then, use Apple HomeKit for overarching integration of both.
    With the window treatments not part of the same system as the light controls, there's almost no way they'll ever hit the Caseta 50 device limit.

    It looks like I have a plan. Thank you again for your response!

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    If you have to exceed 50 devices with Caseta, just use 2 Smart bridge Pros. Put the devices which do not need control by the smart phone on the second bridge. You can assign the same Pico to devices on both bridges, since the Pico is a send only device. Do remember that the Pico will count as a device on each bridge. An advantage of Caseta is that the switches and the Picos have the same form/design, and the installation will look uniform. Using Picos with RA2 Select or Radio RA2 looks mismatched due to the different form/design of the switches and Picos.

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