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Thread: Google Assistant Problems

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    Google Assistant Problems

    I have been using Alexa for a few years and wanted to give Google Assistant a try. When I open the google assistant app and try to add RadioRa2, the registration/link fails. I get an Application Error in the website. Anyone experience this issues. After providing Lutron credentials, it just hangs for a min and then spits out the error. I have two home under my RadioRa2.

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    I don't use Google but here are a couple of things to try...

    You have to add the RadioRA skill to Alexa. Not sure if Google uses a similar scheme.

    Check the model number of your bridge. It should have a "2" in the model number (CONNECT-BDG2-1). If not, Tech Support can confirm if your model/date code supports Google.

    There is a firmware update (BDG2 models only). If your date code is 0B4 or later, it was automatically installed. Otherwise, it has to be manually installed. The file may be behind the dealer wall.
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