What you want (programming the native mode of the dimmer itself) is not possible.Everyone is suggesting various 3rd party automation platforms to simulate what you want. Take you choice, but with all of them you are basically:Sensing that a load was turned on or off or changedOverriding the manual change and issuing commands from your automation platform using Telnet over EthernetSavvy end user/homeowner might notice the “double take” effect, but most many will not care or even be aware of how it works - just that the end result is what they want.Hooking up to a 3rd party system only gives you a choice of how to make this workaround work - no third party system will be able to re-program the dimmers to work natively the way you want.The only way to do that would be to choose another lighting control system / dimmers that operate that way intrinsically. Obviously (or hopefully?) you chose Lutron for many benefits/capabilities, so one should be careful about quickly changing horses because one thing you want isn’t doable.Every system has quirks and limitations, you might end up trading a lot of reliability and features that work well with Lutron chasing one “magic feature” of another system while getting a host of problems with every other aspect of that other system.