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Thread: Questions about automated shades with RA2

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    Questions about automated shades with RA2

    Hi everyone, I have RA2 in my home and I use the essentials software to program it. All the blinds on my first floor are roller shades from blinds to go. I was looking at Somphy as they mentioned they can be retrofitted to be used with them but I would rather use something from Lutron to integrate with RA2 and Pico's etc.

    I just had a few questions, the first one is can existing roller shades be retrofitted or do you have to buy all new shades from Lutron? If so that would be a deal-breaker as I just purchased my new home and the previous owner spent $50,000 on all custom blinds and drapes so removing them wouldn't work.

    If it is possible to retrofit, is there a product line I would be looking at and the other question I have is I know I would need a dealer to install them but am I able to add them to my RA2 system myself and program what I want to have happen with them or would I need to work with the dealer?

    My ideal would be retrofitting a few of my existing roller shades and then being able to add them to my system myself programming that myself and so on. Thanks!

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    The RA2 Select main repeater lets you control your lights and blinds on Saver Occupancy Sensor and battery operated automated shades.njmcdirect

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    Unfortunately, the Blinds To Go shades are not retrofittable with our drives and would have to be all new shades.

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