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Thread: Help repairing system: 3 under-cabinet LED pucks, a pico remote and a Caseta dimme

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    Help repairing system: 3 under-cabinet LED pucks, a pico remote and a Caseta dimme

    Hello folks,
    I have under-cabinet lighting, 3 flush LED pucks, installed 3 years ago when my kitchen was remodeled. They are controlled by a Lutron dimmer (MRF2-6ELV-120) and a Pico remote (there is no model number visible on it).
    When the puck lights suddenly stopped working a month ago, I replaced the battery in the Pico remote (even though the green light was still on). That didn't help, so I replaced the Pico remote (Lutron 3-Button with Raise/Lower Pico Remote for Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch, PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R). I may not have synchronized the new Pico remote correctly and the lights still did not work. When I called Lutron support for help, they advised the problem was most likely the Caseta dimmer. I found the dimmer behind the refrigerator and replaced it with a new dimmer, same model. The puck lights still don't work.
    Since I am replacing a system that previously worked, with the same components, I suspect I did not synchronize everything properly? or the the LED bulbs in the puck lights are burned out?
    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Try temporarily installing a regular light switch. That will tell you if there is a wiring issue or a Lutron wireless issue. If it is a wiring or fixture problem, you’ll have to check to see if there’s power in the switch box. If there isn’t, then there’s a different electrical issue. If there is power and it works on the switch, check to see if the neutral connection on the dimmer is secure. Many mysterious electrical issues are related to the neutral.
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    I assume the LEDs on the dimmer are working or you would not have been able to pair the new Pico. If the Pico turns the dimmer on/off it is not the Pico.

    Some under counter lights have local toggle switches. It may be on/off or high/off/dim. I would also check the transformer/driver. If all the LEDs are out this could be the culprit. Puck lights typically have a remote transformer/driver that plugs in. They sometimes work their way loose.

    The dimmer model you mentioned (MRF2) is a Maestro Wireless device, not Caseta. Depending on the age, it may not be compatible with the PJ2 series Pico. You may be able to force it to pair but that would be a tech support question.
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    MRF2 dimmers should accept all PJ2 Picos. Only if it was one from the first year of gen2 Maestro wireless would there possibly be an issue. MRF is over ten years old. Used to call it "dumb RA", if you knew what you were doing, it works pretty darn well.
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    Thank you for the suggestions!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate it and will let you know what happens.

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