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Thread: Dimmer Maximum Brightness in the Wrong Place

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    Dimmer Maximum Brightness in the Wrong Place

    I just installed an RRD-6NA dimmer for some under cabinet LED lighting. They're older fixtures designed for halogens, but the dimmable LEDs and the 6NA seem to work!! My issue is... the brightness maxes out around the middle of the dimmer, so only the bottom half actually change the brightness of the lights. Is there a way to adjust the dimmer so that the brightness varies over the full range of options?


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    Try this: If you right click on the dimmer in the RadioRA 2 Windows software, you can get to the "Advanced Settings" for that dimmer. If you lower the "High End Trim" setting for that dimmer to the level at which you perceive the maximum brightness, then the range of the dimmer should work better for you.

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    In the advanced settings that gt3mike referenced, try manually setting the phase control forward. It may yield better range.
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