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Thread: Orphan Pico remote

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    Orphan Pico remote

    I have just moved into an old house which was renovated cheaply. In the bedroom there is a Pico remote which is mounted to the wall and which turns a ceiling light on and off. The dimmer controls don't do anything, but I have confirmed that the ceiling light is compatible with dimmers. There are no other smart switches of any kind in the house. What I'm confused about is that I can't find anything that the Pico remote might communicate with to control the light. Any ideas about what might be going on? Some sort of receiver hidden somewhere?

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    I don't know this for certain, but I have a guess:

    When the questionable contractor was renovating your house, he didn't plan on any kind of lighting in this room. Then, when the house was in finishing stages, the homeowner/developer/whatever decided they REALLY wanted a light in that room. So, rather than spend time and money adding a light switch in that room, he decided to add a Caseta switch in the attic that he bought from Home Depot. Trouble is, most Home Depots sell only the 5 button Pico (with dimmer controls). So, instead of getting the right Pico or paying the extra $15 for the dimmer, he used what he had. Now, if you have no switch in the attic or other accessible space, he must have buried the switch in the wall. That's a big no-no and should be rectified. Otherwise, you should probably get a 2 button Pico as to not confuse everyone. Or if you want to get a dimmer, keep the Pico and replace the other switch with a dimmer model PD-6CL (no neutral, screw-in LEDs) PD-10NXD (neutral, more broad range of LED fixtures) or PD-5NE (ELV loads). You'll have to reset the devices

    Hope this helps!
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