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Thread: Dimming and/or flickering lights, under voltage and boot-up process

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    Dimming and/or flickering lights, under voltage and boot-up process

    We're troubleshooting an Illumination system, but we're starting to think it's not the system itself. The customer complains about flickering lights, and while we have seen very slight flickering, I wouldn't call it problematic. At least not enough to blame the system.

    We ran into the common issue of being unable to extract a non-corrupted program (we did send it to Lutron, and they couldn't help). We figured that *if* the processor is unstable, we might as well put it in monitoring mode while we can and get the info out of it. To be clear - we went ahead and replicated the program, just to have a backup. We never loaded it, since the processor *seems* stable.

    By now, we've spent a lot of time in the house and haven't witnessed anything dramatic. We've rebooted the system from the console and even done a hard power-off reset to see how it would respond (they're seasonal customers, so we made sure to do it when we'd have time to fix it, in case it went sideways).

    So far, the most telling things we've found seem to indicate that there's something going on with their power. We noticed lights flickering when you'd turn on/off things like the central vac, food disposals and the microwave. While monitoring the power feed to the processor, we've noticed that it would dip to as low as 105v when kicking on certain things.

    Also - they're building a house next door. I'm not sure if that might be related, but these complaints seems to coincide with the issues they're seeing.

    On a rare occasion, we'd see the lights momentarily get brighter, but that's harder to pinpoint.

    Anyway - any insight on what we might be seeing or what other tests to perform would be appreciate. Thanks -

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    There is a certain type of voltage regulator (I don't remember the name) that can cause an issues with with HWI. They are sometimes used in generators and commercial HVAC systems. The last one I saw was in a home of an exec from a company that made UPS systems. It was 4' square and 6' tall.

    In the load schedule screen, click on "show advanced properties" in the properties box. You can try playing with the Slush, PLL, and softstart. Unfortunately it requires an upload to test.

    You can also get the power company to test the power coming in. Typically they never find anything but the problem goes away.

    You may be able to open the corrupt program in MS Access/Firefox. You will get errors but you can see the tables and confirm your programming.
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