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Thread: Pigtail question

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    Pigtail question

    Yesterday installed 4 switches in my home all in the same gang. 1x ELV 3 dimmer w/3-way and Pico remote , 1x ELV dimmer, 2x On off light-switch neutral required). There was a big bundle of all the house neutral wires at the back of the electric box, so I bundled all the switch neutral into 1 wire nut + the pig tail then wired the pigtail to the house bundle.

    Everything seems to be great, but I still wanted to confirm if this is an okay practice. There was no other way to do it as that neutral bundle was already really large. Is there a limit to what’s okay to connect with a pigtail, or a limit to the size bundle you can tie onto?

    Thanks in advance,

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    That's fine as long as the pigtail connecting the two neutral bundles is the correct size (i.e. 12AWG for 20A circuit or 14AWG for 15A circuit).

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