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Thread: Motion switch or sensor for external LED driver2

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    Motion switch or sensor for external LED driver2

    Q1: Will MSOPS5 work well with a non-dimmable LED driver?
    Q2: What are my options for one motion sensor working with many switches & dimmers?

    Context for Q1:
    I am installing an LED strip lighting system with its own non-dimmable driver/receivers and wireless controllers (in-wall, hand-held, app/Alexa, carrier pigeon...) that do the dimming. None of these will turn off lights after kids have left them on.

    I was warned by the LED sales tech not to use a switch that has a "soft on/off". I think she is referring to ramping which my CL's appear to do. I have MSOPS2 and MSOPS5 motion switches (and MSCL-OP153 motion dimmers) all over the house and so am familiar with how to install and program them, but not sure if they act like a relay, or "hard on/off", or whatever term describes the behavior a non-dimming driver requires from a switch.

    Context for Q2:
    There are 5 or 6 loads that will all be detecting the same motion in the same area. Some of these loads are the LED drivers above, others are recessed LED bulbs. All electrical is new work in an addition so hardwiring a wall-mounted motion sensor would be easy. What solution makes most sense for this application? Are there switches with hard on/off -- as well as dimmers -- that would work with a hardwired wall mounted sensor? Is there a reason to go with Maestro wireless?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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    See answers in blue:

    Quote Originally Posted by davewilt View Post
    Q1: Will MSOPS5 work well with a non-dimmable LED driver?
    Any Maestro motion switch is a normal switch, so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work. A “soft on-off” makes no sense to me unless they are referring to a dimmer that has a fade feature (like Maestro dimmers).
    Q2: What are my options for one motion sensor working with many switches & dimmers?If you want one sensor to control multiple loads, I’d use the Maestro wireless system. There’s no real reason to hard-wire sensors, and if you did you’d have to use a HomeWorks or GRAFIK Eye system. Maestro Wireless model numbers are as follows:
    The model numbers break down as follows:
    MRF2-6CL: NO neutral, good for incandescent as well as screw-in dimmable LED
    MRF2-6ND: Neutral required, good for incandescent and forward-phase dimmable LED. Lower minimum load.
    MRF2-6ELV: Neutral required. Reverse phase control, for ELV fixtures
    MRF2-6ANS: Neutral switch.
    MRF2-8S-DV: Non Neutral switch (40W minimum load)

    Any Radio Powr Savr sensors will work with this system, including LRF2-OCR2B-P (ceiling mount) and LRF2-OWLB-P

    Hope this helps!

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    Q1: The MS-OPS5 will work. The MS-OPS6M has a neutral connection so it may be a better choice. It is ~$10 MSRP more.

    Q2: I'm not sure what is going on with Maestro Wireless. It has been removed from the Lutron webpage. It looks like it might be absorbed by the Vive system. As a stand-alone system Maestro Wireless was limited to 10 devices.

    RA2 Select is an alternative to Maestro Wireless. The dimmers are a bit more expensive. You will also need a R2S main repeater. It does give you the app and ability ot expand/upgrade.
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