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Thread: Switch for ceiling fan and ceiling fan light

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    Switch for ceiling fan and ceiling fan light

    Is there a switch that can control my ceiling fan and the light on the ceiling fan? I currently have a single wall switch that has two switches in it. One turns the fan on/off and the other turns the light attached to the ceiling fan on/off. Is their a wireless switch for this application? I’ve attached a photo of my current switch. I don’t need any fan speed control. I’ll be happy with just being able to turn the light and fan on/off independently. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    None of the Lutron systems have dual-devices. There are some stand-alone models (ex: MACL-LFQ-xx)

    That appears to be a retro box. It should be possible to convert it to a 2-gang.
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    Enlarge the whole, remove the single-gang box, then install a double-gang old-work box. That will give you the room to install separate switches for the light and the fan.

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    Hello all,I have what Jmjenia has. A single light switch that turns on/off the light and the fan. Of course the fan has the pull chain to also turn on/off. Now, here's the issue as well. The light switch is controlled in another location as well. So the light switch would be a 3-Way but the fan would not. Can I use the Maestro C-L fan control & LED dimmer in this location? The product is listed as a "single pole". I would rather not open the hole and make it a 2 gang if I could help it. Is that my only alternative? I was really hoping the Maestro C-L fan control & LED dimmer would work.

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