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Thread: T-Series Drivers and HomeWorks QS

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    T-Series Drivers and HomeWorks QS

    Good Morning,

    Just wanted to know, why the T-Series drivers are not compatible with the HomeWorks QS Ecosystem module? I have a client that wants human centric lighting at home, and I am finding it very difficult to create a solution with lutron controls because the T-Series drivers are not compatible with HomeWorks QS yet.
    Is it going to be out for HomeWorks QS too, soon? Please advise,


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    Thank you for your post javanderlinde,

    At this time the T-series driver will not be added to the HomeWorks QS software. To meet the requests of your client we would recommend looking into using our new product called Ketra ( ). If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to our Tech Support Team at 1-844-LUTRON1 or you can reach out to your local Lutron Sales rep. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Josh! The thing is that Lutron doesn't sell Ketra to international dealers (don't understand why). Went with Savant for this project. I hope Lutron starts selling technologies in Latin America as soon it gets out on the market, the same as all other technology brands.

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    Martin Jacob

    Thanks Dear

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    I presume there are geographic restrictions on Ketra due to them using Zigbee to communicate and maybe not being certified for other countries? That said, these are essentially higher quality Phillips Hue bulbs, which are fairly available internationally (as far as I am aware) so it should be possible.

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