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Thread: T-Series Drivers and HomeWorks QS

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    T-Series Drivers and HomeWorks QS

    Good Morning,

    Just wanted to know, why the T-Series drivers are not compatible with the HomeWorks QS Ecosystem module? I have a client that wants human centric lighting at home, and I am finding it very difficult to create a solution with lutron controls because the T-Series drivers are not compatible with HomeWorks QS yet.
    Is it going to be out for HomeWorks QS too, soon? Please advise,


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    Thank you for your post javanderlinde,

    At this time the T-series driver will not be added to the HomeWorks QS software. To meet the requests of your client we would recommend looking into using our new product called Ketra ( ). If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to our Tech Support Team at 1-844-LUTRON1 or you can reach out to your local Lutron Sales rep. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Josh! The thing is that Lutron doesn't sell Ketra to international dealers (don't understand why). Went with Savant for this project. I hope Lutron starts selling technologies in Latin America as soon it gets out on the market, the same as all other technology brands.

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    Martin Jacob

    Thanks Dear

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