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Thread: CREE Buzzing

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    CREE Buzzing

    I have a ton of Caseta Dimmers, and Cree is my go to brand for lighting. All of my cree's have some light buzzing when dimmed, buts pretty faint.
    I just replaced a fixture in our main workspace and put in 8 of the Gen5 75watt Cree A19 bulbs, which Cree has Caseta on the 'Best' list for dimmers and WOW they buzz like crazy.
    I know that Caseta doesn't have this bulb on the list, but to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I even have a Pro Caseta w/ neutral I tried swapping out with the same issue.

    Would the ELV caseta solve this or am I just SOL with new Cree bulbs?

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    Have you tried swapping those bulbs with other known "quiet" bulbs in the house? I've noticed Cree's quality has gone down over the years as they push product to the mass market. Cree lighting was also sold recently, so their corporate structure may have asked to a higher return on the product with a change in manufacturing that is causing this trouble.
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