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Thread: QSM-2-4w-c with PICO's

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    QSM-2-4w-c with PICO's

    Just trying to understand the order of operations with this.

    Within Homeworks QS I see that I can add PICO's to the wireless input of a QSM via the Equipment Tab. The PICO shows under programming but does not show under any activation options.

    My questions below.

    1. Do the PICO's get married to the QSM directly, without software, as notated in QS sensor Module instructions? If yes, how does the software differentiate between each of the PICO's? example: PICO 1 controls shades A,B,C and PICO 2 controls shades D,E,F.

    2. Is there a list of supported PICO types for the QSM?

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    The Pico's get their address from the QSM. In HQS you assign the Pico to 1 of 10 RF addresses in the QSM. Say you assign the dining room Pico to QSM address 1 in HQS software. When you press a button on that Pico the QSM relays it to HQS including the address so HQS knows it is Pico#1 (i.e. dining room).

    Just curious... why the QSM? The range is very limited. By adding a repeater you can have more devices and cover a much larger range. Programming would be less complicated.
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