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Thread: MACL-153M - Bulbs Buzzing

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    MACL-153M - Bulbs Buzzing

    I have tried 3 different BR30 bulbs.
    Sylvania 65w (loudest)
    Cree 65w
    Satco 65w

    All of these led bulbs have noise when using them with the MACL-153M dimmer switch.

    I have called lutron tech support and they were no help, they referred me to your tool online that I already looked at.

    I need a 65 watt BR30 3000k bulb that will make 0 noise with maestro dimmers. Please help, this is a new construction home for myself and this is holding up the project.


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    Make sure you are not using "smart" bulbs. Some bulbs have built-in controls. It can be a great feature but if you attempt to dim them you get a mess.

    Modern dimmers use the neutral. Make sure the neutrals are not crossed. It used to be a common practice but not usually an issue with AFCI breakers being required in most areas.

    You can adjust the trim on the MACL.

    Check for interference from other areas. Turn everything off except the lights and see if they still hum. Try bypassing the dimmer and see if they still hum. Dimming a bulb that is already making noise will have the effect of amplifying the noise.

    I've had good luck with the EcoSmart (Home Depot store brand) bulbs. You can also try a non-CL dimmer (like MA-600).
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