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Thread: Help expanding my 96 devices Ra2 install to over 100

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    Help expanding my 96 devices Ra2 install to over 100

    I am a happy Radio RA2 user (combined with Control4 home automation) and also level 1 certified. Since the initial install, I have added and replaced a few dimmers and keypads successfully as well as made a few programing changes. I was left with Inclusive on computer during initial install and have already enjoyed it.
    But I have a few dilemma now:
    - I would like to finally replace the last few dimmers not automated yet (I have a number of spare dimmers installed or I could install quickly) but they are/will not be activated as it would take me over the 100 limit that requires Inclusive
    - My Inclusive version is 8.x and it works fine. But it prevents me to add some new dimmers such as RRD-6ND which I would like to do to replace a few fried (surge thanks for our great power company here!!!) 6NA as well as accelerate my shift to LED bulbs pretty much everywhere (I have a 6D to replace).
    - I have considered doing the level 2 training but this is an overkill for me. I only do this for my house and really only need access to Inclusive once in a while do a few tweaks ti my existing install.
    - My original installer (4 years ago I think) was ok but is really only interested in doing large one time installs

    For my Control4, I have switched to an awesome remote programmer for whom I "bundle" a series of changes once or twice a year. It works great for both of us.
    I would like to do the same for my Lutron install which would include:
    - migrate the design to the proper over 100 balancing and make appropriate changes in the software
    - possibly sell me a dozen or so RRD-6ND (if price is right) that I would physically install myself and activate to allow remote programing.
    - I would either program myself or provide programing "instructions" as those dimmers (and possibly a couple of keypads) would be a mix of replacement of obsolete (or defective) dimmers and new ones (replacing dumb switches/dimmers)
    - provide me access to the latest version of Inclusive (one copy on my computer is fine) so that I could do minor maintenance/tweaks myself and follow-up with you (aka remote installer) for more advanced features as needed.

    It is very frustrating right now - I could finish my house at a reasonable cost but because of the limitations of Essentials and my inability to update to Inclusive latest version (and my personal lack of knowledge to design properly for over 100), I have a bunch of rooms not automated or using an old RadioRA version!

    Let me know if someone would be interested in this remote support/programing opportunity. As I mentioned above, I do for this my (complicated) Control4 install and it works great for the programer and me.


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    If you update the software, the Inclusive will remain. The software is the same, Inclusive is a security key to unlock features. This would give you the ability to add a second main, the 6NDs, etc. and 200 devices total.

    Be careful adding the second main. If you have not taken the L2 training, then there are some things to be aware of. You'll need to balance the system between the two mains as best you can with the rooms you have. 50/50 is best, but you can get to a 70/30 split and still be fine. Just don't use 85/15 or worse and things should be okay.

    When you migrate rooms and devices, you'll need to default the devices you've migrated to activate on the second main. This will make you a pro at factory defaulting. Also watch for sensors. They migrate differently. You'll need to get them into the mode to shift frequency to be able to get it on the second main.

    Best practice here, pay a GOOD dealer to assist or contact your local rep.
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