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Thread: Occupancy vs. Light

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    Occupancy vs. Light


    complete novice here hoping for enlightenment. I want to replace on/off switches in linen closets and other small spaces. The existing switches are mounted on the front walls parallel with the doors. My concern is when opening the door, the occupancy sensor is “pointed” in the wrong direction and will fail to see the door opening.

    From what I’ve read, the light sensor in an occupancy switch can’t be programmed to detect the change of state from dark to light, or to turn on by any change of state. Am I’m wrong? Do I need a different solution that is solely based on change of lighting state?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The MS sensors have a 180 degree field of view. One issue might be if the door trim blocks part of the sensor view.

    Lutron makes Radio Powr Savr sensors. These are remote sensors that can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, etc. They can work with RadioRA 2 devices or be part of a RA2 select/RadioRA 2 system. It is a more expensive option because you have the sensor ($89 MSRP) plus the RA2 dimmer. It would be awesome if they worked with Caseta but no word on that.
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