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Thread: HWQS Outdoor Sensor integrated into HWQS

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    HWQS Outdoor Sensor integrated into HWQS

    Our HQWS was installed in 2017 with indoor and extensive outdoor lighting on the system. We are interested in adding motion sensors to the system such that the motion sensors will turn on all the outdoor lights via the HWQS system and using Savant we would set up notifications to notify us that the outdoor lights turned on. The systems is a combination of hard wired (20) switches and 2 wireless switches. Any guidance or suggested reading would be appreciated.

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    Lutron has some outdoor products but they have not worked their way into HQS yet.

    There are some good quality motion sensors out there. I would contact your security company. They are likely to have the most/best options.

    The easiest way is to have the sensor output a contact closure. You can use it to turn selected lights on. Savant won't know if the lights were turned on via button press, timer, CC, etc. You could put the CC on a 2nd button and use that feedback to signal Savant. I don't know much about savant but you may be able to have the CC go to Savant and have it send a command to HQS to turn the lights on.
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