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Thread: Retrofit with hybrid keypads

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    Retrofit with hybrid keypads

    Designing my retrofit for RR2 and will be using a lot of hybrid keypads. I have one location which is a 2 gang with one 3-way switch and one single pole, both non-dimming. I also planned to make it a 3-gang with a Somfy shade remote. Was thinking it would be great to make this a hybrid keypad location instead. Assuming not possible but any ideas from the community for turning this location into a single gang? I wish there was a creative way to hide one of the switches without re-wire.
    The other location for the 3-way switch is a 3-gang in another room which I have already hard wired and eliminated the switch. That location currently has a Pico and a dimmer and planned to turn it into a hybrid keypad.

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    You can cut the box out of the wall and replace it with a single-gang. This involves sheetrock repair, painting, etc. It is unlikely that all all of the wires would fit in a single-gang box.

    Lutron makes a blank insert (DV-BI-xx, SC-BI-xx, NT-BI-xx) in all of their plastic colors. You would still have a mutli-gang box but would have a flat surface where the deleted switches are.

    Depending on what is on the back side of the wall, you could move the unused wires to a box there. I would NOT leave unused wires in the wall without terminating them in a box.
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