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Thread: Caseta Wireless Switch w/ Switched 3-way Outlet

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    Caseta Wireless Switch w/ Switched 3-way Outlet

    Good evening --

    I'm not an electrician. However, I've successfully installed 5 Caseta wireless switches but this one has me stumped. I have a 3-way switched outlet. I bypassed the one switch where I'll use a Pico remote. For the Caseta switch, I have the power running to the switch's black lead. I got the lead from the brown screw on the old switch. I have the white and blue switch leads capped. I have the red lead tied to both cables from the two switch posts (not ground). I have ground tied in.

    The switched outlet is always on. The Caseta switch has no "power" light and the on/off don't do anything. I've tried several different cabling configurations with no success. The only way I get power is my current configuration. Does anyone have any suggestions to correct my mistake?


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    3-way witches are basically A/B switches. Power comes in at one end (common terminal) then is connected to traveler A or B. At the other end, power comes in on traveler A or B then is connected to the common terminal and out to the light (switch leg). As long as both switches are connected to A (or B) the light will be on. Any other combination turns the light off.

    If your device has a neutral connection you will need to use it. Connect the white wire to the neutral in the box.

    You need to determine where the switch leg and power in is. With the light OFF, test for power at the common screws on the 3-way switches. One will have power, one will not (switch leg). Depending on which end you place the dimmer, you will need to relay the power or the switch leg to the other end. At the end where the Pico is, connect all 3 wires from the switch together. This sends power/switch leg to the other end using both travelers. At the Caseta end, connect power to the black wire and the switch leg to the red.
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