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Thread: Grafik Eye QS question

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    Grafik Eye QS question

    Hi there,

    I have a client that has a few places where we could install a Grafik Eye. I don’t have much experience with these, so I have a few questions:

    1. There is a requirement that I have a 3 1/2 inch deep box. How “required” is this? Is is possible to fit it in a typical depth box, or is that not going to work?

    2. What’s the deal with LEDs? I would imagine performance would be similar to other forward-phase neutral wire dimmers (like RRD-6ND or 10ND). Is this a safe assumption?

    3. What’s going on with programming? From my understanding, scenes/time clock are programmed from the software, but others have said that the internal scenes remain in the Grafik Eye. I don’t understand this.

    4. I’d like to confirm that I can use the low voltage output to power RR2 keypads when replacing an existing GE3000.



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    To answer your questions:

    1. While the Grafik QS (QSGRJ) is only 2" deep, the 3-1/2" depth is preferred for fitting the wiring in the box, so you don't pinch the wires, and makes it easier to mount the Grafik QS into the wall box. According to page 16 of the spec sheet for the QSGRJ ( you can use a 3" deep wall box. Do not go any shallower than 3".

    2. With LEDs, while the performance would be similar to the 6ND and the 10ND, there is enough of a difference between the control circuitry that and LED that works fine on the 6ND may not work at all with the QSGRJ. We have an online LED tool that you can use to find LEDs that we have tested and approved with the QSGRJ. You can find this tool at

    3. Timeclocks and scenes are programmed from the QSGRJ menu itself if it is not used as part of a system. If the QSGRJ is used as part of a Radio Ra2 system, all programming is done through the Ra2 programming software.

    4. When the QSGRJ is used as part of a Radio Ra2 system, the 4-wire keypad link becomes disabled, and can't be used to power Ra2 keypads. We do have an app note that explains how to use a 3rd party power supply and the existing low voltage wiring to power Ra2 keypads. See:

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    1. When you add 6 switch legs, wire nuts, etc. it gets very crowded. Even the 4 zone is tight.

    3. When not part of a RA2 system you program the main unit through the menu or through GQS software. When the GQS is part of a RA2 system you can access the zones directly or the 16 scenes stored in the GQS. You would still have to program the scenes at the GQS. This is a byproduct of it being used as a stand-alone scene controller. The owner could turn on scene X, then flip up the lid and adjust the scene.

    4. The LV output does not meet the specs for powering RR2 keypads. However, there are some on this forum that have done it successfully. Lutron will never support it.

    I rarely use Grafik Eyes. They cost $220/zone compared to $139 for a RRD-6ND. RA2 has a more powerful clock so you don't need the one in the GQS. The Lutron App is more powerful so you don't need the ability to adjust GQS scenes at the unit. You have more capacity and more LED options with individual dimmers.
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    1 We use deep all the time. Get really tight if your using all the loads. You could use a normal depth but you may say a few bad words when installing.
    Even more if it's all wired with 12 gauge.

    2 I used them for MLV, retro fit 4" and 6", PAR30. All LED. Works fine. Except, there's always a catch, at least 3 per load. We have had problems with less than 3.

    3 Programmed all mine through software. Wasn't aware you could adjust scene levels from the unit once it's in a Ra system. Never used the 16 scenes. All programming I need is in the software.

    4 I have used the link for powering keypads on two jobs. Both are working fine. First one was done in 2014. Last visit was 2016. No problems. I have other posts about it on this forum. Communication link is disabled but not the power link. Unless they recently changed something. I know I'm breaking the Lutron rule but it worked. First job was WPM's second was GQS.

    WMP's are basically GQS with out the full keypad and timeclock(for stand alone systems). Cheaper, cleaner look, same wiring.

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    Thanks everyone for all the help- knowing this will save me a lot of time on installation. I also have a job where I would replace old GE3000s, is it a drop-in replacement or are there any other considerations?

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    Drop in replacement. May find the new version slightly smaller in the box, so more room.
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