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Thread: Caseta Range Extending Options w/ Wink 2 hub - trying to configure for 5,000 sqft hou

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    Caseta Range Extending Options w/ Wink 2 hub - trying to configure for 5,000 sqft hou

    I am moving into a 5,000 square foot house which spans 2 floors plus the basement. I want to have Caseta switches throughout but struggling to come up with the optimal configuration to cover the range. I don't really want to spend the money on the RA2 device. Does anyone have thoughts on this? With the Wink 2 hub, is the system still limited to 30ft? Is it possible to use the plug in range extender if using the Wink hub as primary setup or do you need the smart bridge in order to use that? My other thought was adding a second wink hub on the other end of the house, but not sure if this acts as a range extender?

    Any thought would be appreciated.


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    I’d say this just isn’t going to work. You can have one Smart bridge/Wink and 1 lamp dimmer range extender, each with a 30 ft radius. But more importantly, you are almost certainly going to have more than 50 devices (keep in mind a 3way switch counts as two devices). I know you don’t want to spend the money on RA2, but you will find it is more than worth it, especially compared to the awkward solution two Caseta systems. You could go RA2Select but I don’t really find it that appealing. I’d go to full RadioRA2, which you can install yourself with one main repeater if you go through the online training. This is the better solution for a house of this size.

    Have a nice day,

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    I can confirm that the PD-3PCL-WH will NOT work as a range extender on the Wink hub.

    You would have to talk with Wink about their RF distances.

    I agree with evankirkhart's points on this.

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    Thanks, Evan. I am actually not concerned about having more than 50 devices given I won't be replacing all switches in the home. My biggest concern at this point is range. Per your comment it sounds like I am able to use one extender even if I use the Wink hub instead of the Lutron bridge?

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    No, as Brian said, a lamp dimmer range extender will not work. I have little experience with Wink/Lutron systems, sorry for the mistake. If you don’t have many devices, consider completing the training to obtain the RadioRA2 Essentials software. I assure you that you’ll be happier with a RA2 system.

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    I have seen this done. The site has 4 Wink hubs located throughout the home. Caseta devices are assigned to the nearest Wink hub.

    I'm not a fan of Wink. While it does work, the interface is not very intuitive (for a retail product) and it lacks features. That may be a false impression based on the clumsy interface.
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