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Is the timing still pretty quick.
The timing is quick.

There is one potential performance issue if you are trying to control multiple dimmers from Hubitat at the same time via a Pico. The general Pico flow is to program the actions (power state and levels) in Hubitat for each device (the Picos can control anything in Hubitat, not just Lutron devices). The communication flow is thus Pico to Lutron Main Repeater to Hubitat to Main Repeater to Dimmer. There is a log jam somewhere in the Pico RF communication chain that can cause slight delays and/or popcorning when there are "a lot" of devices in the action. The way to work around that is to program a scene with all the devices, states, and levels to a Main Repeater phantom button in the Lutron software and have Hubitat "press" the button.