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Thread: Westinghouse LED GU 24 Omni 9.8W

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    Westinghouse LED GU 24 Omni 9.8W

    Hi All, Brand new DVCL153P's throughout new ADU. Nice kitchen pendant on a website comes with a GU 24 CFL. Question area on the site claims luminaire is not dimmable. On Westinghouse site they have an LED GU 24 Omnidirect. 9.8W that they say is compatible with my DVCL. What say you folks? Lutron does say that if they don't have your bulb listed check with bulb manufacturer. Lutron lists NO GU 24 capable bulbs. Thank you for any help.

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    1,785 is a great resource. Lutron testing is more exstensive than bulb manufacturers. However, Lutron only test bulbs that are submitted to them so... the list is not all-inclusive. I have used bulbs that are not on the Lutron list with great results. I have also used some bulbs, on the list and off, with horrible results. I've also had some respond better to standard incandescent dimmers vs CL dimmers.

    Bottom line, you hare going to have to test it. I would also ask the bulb manufacturer for the test results. This will let you know if they are actually testing or <gaps> just throwing names out there.
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    Thanks randyc, I've also now seen the same luminaire in an integrated LED style on Lighting NY. I'm told by them, via the manufacturer, that it is "dimmable". I never knew this was so complicated! Do you think I'm better off with integrated LED in this case?

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