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Thread: Lowest perceived brightness

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    Lowest perceived brightness

    This customer is the opposite of most I've had. Most want the highest light output they can get and are good with the dimming range. This one wants low/low/low light at night. We use 6" TCP retrofit which is not on the LED tool list. All are set for 1% dimming in the advanced settings. All dim fine just not low enough.
    Recommendations for really low 6" LED down lights? He want's a glow like old school halogen. May have to go with screw-in LED.


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    If you’re looking for a warm glow, you could try the Nicor DLR56SD (5”-6”) or accompanying DLR4SD (4”). I recently specified them, but still waiting to install them. Not on Lutron dimming list but Nicor says 5% on a MACL-153. Plus, they are warm-glow. I would imagine an RRD-6ND or 10ND would be equivalent if not better. Maybe just buy 1 and see how it works. Please let me know of the outcome!


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    Subscribed... :)

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    Did this ever work out? I have still not installed the units I specified but want to hear how they dimmed before making them my go-to for other projects.
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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