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Thread: Radio RA Chronos

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    Radio RA Chronos

    Hope some one can help with this.

    We're the AV company tasked with taking over a project that has been in place for years.

    We've already done the AV portion and Integrated with everything and do have control of the Radio RA system. So that's all fine.

    Here's the problem, the original RA system had a dimmer that is listed in the original company's programming notes and worksheets, this dimmer does not work.

    Client ordered a replacement, it appears new. We've tried (without success) to program it to the system. Both from the Chronos directly and from a Auxiliary repeater.

    We've followed the instructions in the original Radio RA book that was onsite with the programming notes and worksheets, no luck. We've followed all the trouble shooting steps, no luck.

    We've repeated this at least 4 times, client really wants these lights on the system.

    The Chronos is showing on the display. System #1 has 7 Master Controllers and 23 Controllers. System #2 has 1 Master Controller and 10 Controllers.

    So I think we're okay on the amount of devices and being able to add 1 more.

    We're also trying to be very cautious because we don't want to change the system in a way that we now have a non functioning RA system that we have to completely reprogram.

    Any ideas? We're really scratching our heads on this.

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    If the Chronos is acting as a bridge between the 2 systems, and it sounds like it is, it has to be the main repeater in both systems. You will need to add the new dimmer from the Chronos itself.

    Try resetting the dimmer to factory defaults. IIRC its kind of an odd procedure.

    Slide the gap switch off.
    Press and hold the tapswitch and up rocker.
    Slide the gap switch on
    When the LEDs cycle, press the tapswitch and down rocker simultaneously.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Possible that there may have been more devices but removed or replaced over the years as they failed?
    Ra classic keeps the address hidden in the system even if the device was replaced. So you could run into the 32/64 limit even if there not that many devices on site.
    There is a procedure for removing the address. Don't see it on the resources page.
    If your interested I'll dig around and see if I still have the PDF. Lutron should have it.

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