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Thread: Question about controlling lights from a keypad

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    Question about controlling lights from a keypad

    Just had a quick question I was wondering. Right now I have a keypad and it controls various lights. For example, let's say button 3 controls the table chandelier, so I have it set to toggle right now, if I press the button the chandelier comes on, I can raise lower, press the button again and it goes off and that's fine.

    Where I'm having a bit of a challenge is when let's say multiple lights are on, or I press button 1 which runs a scene and puts the chandelier at 80%. If I then want the chandelier at 10%, to control it from the keypad I press button 3 which turns the chandelier off, I then I have to press it again to turn it on, and then dim or raise to where I want.

    I'm finding that there's many times where I want to tap a button like the chandelier, and then be able to raise or lower it, but not have to turn it off and back on first. The problem of course is when you do want to turn it off I'm not sure how you'd do that if tapping the button only "selected" it. Not sure if that makes sense but just wanted to post to see if there's any suggestions or what people do in these cases. It would be nice if it worked even like:

    - If the chandelier is off and you press the button, the chandelier turns on
    - If the chandelier is on and you press the button, it just selects the chandelier, allowing you to press raise or lower to change the brightness
    - If the chandelier is on and you double press the button, or press and hold it, etc it then turns the light off

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    Unfortunately, this is not available in RA2 or Select. No double taps or holds are in the software, nor sequentials or variables/logic. You would need HomeWorks for this, or use a third party controller. The third party controller will create funky LED logic, however.

    Best bet, create a second scene button that mirrors the scene on button one, except with the Chandelier at 10%. Run Path of Light on both if you want a toggle function for the scene.
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    Maybe you can dedicate the Raise+Lower buttons.

    In some rooms, like our master bedroom suite, which has two bedside 6-button switches w/Raise+Lower, I've dedicated the Raise+Lower buttons to the overhead LEDs. We seldom want to raise/lower the other lights from these switches. The other buttons are programmed with scenes. We also use some PICOs to Raise+Lower bedside lamps, or our iDevices.

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    Great thanks everyone I figured that was the case. Kinda crazy you need HomeWorks to do something simple like double tap and hold which I used to do years ago with Insteon no problem. It's not like the RA2 keypads are cheap so seems like a strange limitation. Can't imagine many people going with HW just to get this feature!

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    Try playing with the "path of light" button model. Make button 1 a toggle that turns the group on with chandelier at 75%. Make button 3 a "path" button with the chandelier at 74%. When you press button 1, button 3 LED remains off. Press button 3 and the chandelier goes to 74% (shouldn't be noticeable) and the LED comes on and you can now raise/lower it. However, this creates the opposite problem. To turn just the chandelier off, you have to press button 3 twice.

    RA2 is pretty fast, at least compared to Classic RA. If you double tap a button it would have the effect of selecting the button. You might see a slight dip in the lights.
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