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Thread: Outdoor Controls

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    Quote Originally Posted by schalliol View Post
    Going back to the status quo, where items are only rated 32+ operating conditions. Could a wired keypad be installed in a weather resistant outdoor enclosure and simply be active yet not used below 32? I understand that it's operating even if not pressed, so I assume the answer is no. However, if it could just sit there, I can't imagine needing to use the keypad below freezing anyway. What about for a Pico? I guess there's not too much to lose if one gets destroyed, and one could even take the pico in seasonally since they're so easy to pull out. Picos are clearly nice because they don't have enough power to create a safety issue. Thoughts?
    The RadioRA 2 devices will not function properly when going below 32 degrees F. Keeping the devices in an environment below 32 degrees F is not recommended even if they are not being used.

    I think you bring up a good option about using the Pico in a weather resistant box and bring it in seasonally when the temperature drops. This would make it easy to remove and bring in to avoid any issues with temperature drops and then replace once the temperature comes back up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin P. View Post
    The RadioRA 2 devices will not function properly when going below 32 degrees F.
    Why? Just curious. Is it because of the radio, or the actual hardware?

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    Components inside the devices are not rated below 32 degrees. By placing the devices in an environment outside the rated temperature range, the device may prematurely fail.

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    Just bumping this. Lots of benefits to having more control. Wishing more existed right now.

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    I have come across this a few times. For one client I found a waterproof infrared remote and integrated it into the system. Then later on my own house, I wanted to control the lighting from my hot tub, so I put an old android smart phone in a waterproof case that allows it to be charged while in the case..... and I use the app and phantom keypads I programmed into the system to control what I want to. works great, and I would do that for my next client who asked for an outdoor all weather control. You can buy used older smart phones for next to nothing that don't have cell service but run apps and connect to your network.

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