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Thread: Tgcl-153ph-iv

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    Installing TCGL-153PH-IV dimmer. Switch works, dimmer does not. Red wire hooked to common, black wire to opposite side. Yellow wire below red wire. Have I switched wires? Tnx

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    Assuming you have a 3-way installation... the common terminal is the critical one. You need the wire that was attached to the common in the old switch attached to the common on the dimmer. You should have 2 wires coming from a 3-wire cable (black, red, white, ground). They are typically black and red but may be black and white in your case. You should have a single black wire coming from a 2-wire cable (black, white, ground). If this is the power end, it may be tied in with other wires.

    Connect the single wire to the common terminal (the one NOT from the 3-wire cable). Connect the other two in any combination.
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