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Thread: Can't change projects seeting on QS

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    Can't change projects seeting on QS

    I converted a HW project whose Circuits are at 230v, they turn into 127v on QS, I tried to change on project seetings but without success
    plzz How can I change this setting?

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    You can not change the power settings after the database is created. I'd send it to and ask them if they can hack it. Be sure and tell them you selected 230 and the software converted it to 120v. They typically respond in 1-2 days.
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    thank you Randyc

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    Lutron support said there is no way to change the power settings, I have to rewrite all things :-(
    converted file is not helpful

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    Unfortunately power settings can not be changed after the database is created. Same happened with me few week back then i had to rewrite everything. Thanks & Regards from Ankit Sharma for your query.

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